Photo: Joaquín Sarmiento/FNPI Files

Photo: Joaquín Sarmiento/FNPI Files

The Gabriel García Márquez Fellowship in Cultural Journalism will be divided into three modules: music, popular culture, and literature. All modules will be coordinated by the FNPI master lecturer Héctor Feliciano and the American journalist Jonathan Levi. In addition, there will be guest lecturers—both national and international—participating in each module.

A total of twenty journalists will be selected and split into two modules of ten. Each group will spend two weeks in Colombia. The first group will work on the music module, the second group will work on the literature module, and both groups will work together on the popular culture module.

Foto: Joaquín Sarmiento/Archivo FNPI


This module was held January 7-13, 2013 during the Cartagena International Music Festival. The fellows went to concerts and forums, interviewed musicians and directors, and spoke with reviewers in order to then write their stories based on their exchanges with the lecturers and other fellows.

Additionally, the module included a teleconference with FNPI master lecturer Gumersindo Lafuente who—from his office in Spain—spoke with the fellows about culture in digital media and the new dynamics of writing relevant text for online publication.

Guest Lecturers: Anne Midgette (United States), music journalist and blogger for the Washington Post journal; and Diego Fischerman (Argentina), journalist, music critic, and blogger for the Página/12 journal, in Argentina.
Photographer and editor: Joaquín Sarmiento.
Photographer: Johana Peña.
Narrator: Ángel Unfried.

Fellows’ writings, module photos and video

Popular culture

This module was held January 14-20, 2013 during the pre-Carnival of Barranquilla. The fellows got to know one of the most important festivals in Colombia first hand. Throughout the module week they experienced up close the way the whole city turns its attention to preparing for the carnival—with their comparsas, choreographies, and costumes. With the help of the master and guest lecturers they reflected on the wealth of popular culture and how these stories can be narrated using colorful and descriptive language without falling into common pitfalls that could detract from the reportage’s strength.

The module was supplemented with a visit to Aracataca, Gabriel García Márquez’s hometown. There the fellows were able to personally experience the context and the identity of the town that inspired the work of the Nobel Prize laureate.
Guest Lecturer: Alberto Salcedo Ramos (Colombia), long-form journalist and FNPI master lecturer.
Photographer and editor: Joaquín Sarmiento.
Photographer: Edwin Padilla.
Narrator: Sergio Zapata.

Fellows writings, module photos and videos


This module was held January 21-27, 2013 during the Cartagena Hay Festival.

The most important literary festival in Colombia was the perfect stage for the fellows to interview several of the most renowned contemporary authors, including the Nobel Prize laureate Mario Vargas Llosa—an ideal opportunity to implement the techniques and advice that had been shared throughout the week. In addition, as part of the discussions with the guest lecturers, the fellows were able to polish their texts, leaving them nearly ready for publication.

Additionally, the module included a videoconference with FNPI master lecturer Jean-François Fogel, who offered his perspective on how digital media opens up new doors for cultural journalism, so long as journalists have the ability of adapting to the demands and characteristics of the internet.

Guest Lecturers: Francine Prose (United States), writer and former president of the PEN American Center; and Mario Jursich (Colombia), director of the Colombian magazine El Malpensante.
Photographer and editor: Joaquín Sarmiento.
Photographer: Álvaro Delgado.
Narrator: Sergio Zapata.

Fellows’ writings, modules photos and videos